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Gold Aventurine Large Frit, 1 oz.

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Gold Aventurine Large Frit, 1 oz.
Raw Aventurine Chunks, also known as "Goldstone" is the amazing sparkly glass seen in many Venetian beads. Chunks vary in size from 2-3 mm to up to 8 mm irregular shapes. Crush smaller if desired and roll your hot bead on it for a great simple effect, which looks great cased, or use it as is to make your own unique goldstone filigrana rods and cased stringers.;Available in 1 ounce packages in Gold (Reg. $6.95), Blue-purple (Reg. $6.95), and Green Aventurine 1 oz.(Reg. $7.95) which are completely compatible with COE 104 glass. Price: $6.95 Qty

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